The Aluminium Fabrication Company

We at Global House Metal and Fence Works, offer services in aluminium works which are readily used in construction such as design and fabrication of doors for various buildings. Aluminium is an important component in developing such structures due to its low density and ability to resist corrosion through the mechanism of passivation. Its other properties include strength and durability which can be varied widely through heat treatments and manufacturing processes. In comparison with the other material options, aluminium frames used for windows and doors are much more affordable and flexible in designs. We, being a leading enterprise among the Aluminium Fabrication Companies in UAE, make sure that our aluminium frames are fabricated with high performance material which exceeds energy efficiency standards and provides quality performance in heat gain and heat loss through windows.

Global House Metal and Fence Works are engaged in the Design, Development, Fabrication and installation of Aluminum and Glass for Multi- Storey Buildings and Villas in the Middle East. Equipped the Work Shop with all the required Machineries and we enable our Technician to execute the Projects with high quality products.

We specialize in the following

« Aluminium Doors & Windows
« All types of Curtain wall systems and Skylights
« Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding
« Aluminium cubicles and partitions Glass Partitions
« Aluminium Trellis (Pergolas)
« Glass Partitions
« Aluminium Door & Partion Work

Our wide range of service makes us one of the most reliable aluminium fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi, situated in Musaffah, UAE. Our experience staff also offers expertise on glass works, metal fabrication and other structural fabrication services in the field of the construction industry.

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