Car Parking Shade Fabrication and Installation

We offer services in manufacturing car parking sheds with creative designs which can be easily installed for different architectural structures and applications. These car parking sheds are readily used in the UAE region and are available in different designs and customized sizes according to the user requirements. The sheds are manufactured in such a way that it remains pleasing to the eye and surroundings whilst offering efficient protection. We develop the designs with good quality such that they only require low maintenance. The materials used in the manufacture of sheds differ according to the varying needs of the customer

Global House Metal and Fence are the manufacturers and installers of different type of Shades. We are providing wide a range of smart shade structures with innovative design which is suitable for domestic and commercial needs. Our sheds are ideal for Car Parking, Reception, Outdoor and Indoor, Swimming Pool and waiting areas. We supply and use quality materials when it comes to building car parking shades in UEA, our structural steel designs are built to withstand all types of whether conditions and services offered covers fence installation, gypsum installation and more.

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  2. car parking shade in uae
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