Fence Suppliers & Installation

We provide services in supply of standard fences which are readily used in construction sites as well as for other projects. Fences can be designed of different types of materials according to their varying applications. Our fences offer complete and efficient security for all kinds of site enclosures and provide easy installation as well. Other applications such as residential and industrial requirements also make use of these fences which offer them increased performance as well as quality. We at Global House, being a leading company in Fence Installation and Supply works in Abu Dhabi, UAE provide our customers with different fencing solutions which are affordable as well as convenient, from which they can choose according to their requirements.

We are the quality fence suppliers and installation services provides in UAE. Our fences are available in a wide range of Types, Style and materials. Fence is used for so many different applications. It is hard to list all the possible use for fence but here are some of them:

We specialize in the following

« Residential Complexes
« Factories.
« Commercial Complex
« Housing Securities
« Farms/ Farmland
« Highways
« Garden
« Parks/ Play Ground
« We are providing Chain Link Fence, Temporary Fence, Hoarding Fence, Welded Mesh Fence, Sports and Compound Wall Fence.
« Sales and Supply of Barbed wire, Concertina Tape/ Razor Wire.
« Chain Link Fence and Accessories.

We also handle different structural steel fabrication services for wrought irons, steel erection, metal fabrication and more. Situated in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, we can be reached through this number: +971 25500711