Gypsum Installation Works in Abu Dhabi

We offer services in gypsum works which are readily used in residential and industrial requirements. The advantages of using gypsum walls and ceilings include durability, fire resistance, sound isolation etc. We also provide efficient services in gypsum installation by making use of hand tools and machines necessary. Gypsum boards are available in different types according to the user requirements. Due to its ease of installation and maintenance, gypsum materials are widely used for building interior walls and ceilings. Gypsum board successfully satisfies the requirements of customers when it comes to design as they can be developed into customized designs.

Global House offer innovative design solutions to maximize the aspects according to your lifestyle and requirements. Located in Abu Dhabi, we render services in the different regions of UAE with our stylish designs of gypsum boards and quality gypsum installation services. We work closely with our clients to develop concepts to custom fit their needs as well as a selection of interior finishes, colors and materials. Our service covers in the industry of structural steel fabrication offering state of the art aluminium fabrication, metal fabrication, etc. For additional inquiries, you may reach us at this number: +971 25500711

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  1. Gypsum Installation Abu Dhabi,Gypsum Works Abu Dhabi
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  2. Gypsum Installation Abu Dhabi,Gypsum Works Abu Dhabi
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