The Metal Fabrication Company

We, being one of the leading companies among the Metal Fabrication companies in UAE, offer services in metal fabrication works which is readily used in the industrial sectors which involves the construction of machines and structures from different raw materials. The processes included in building a metal fabrication are cutting, bending and assembling. We also provide services in welding, which is used to join the metal by causing fusion and plywood fencing which is easier to work with and install due to its strength and weatherproof features. Other services include blasting which efficiently cleans surfaces better and faster than traditional methods and is also effective in removing rust from metal surfaces.

We at Global House Metal and Fence Works is an established metal fabrication company located in Abu Dhabi. Our services covers the different regions in UAE like Dubai, Sharjah, etc. Equipped with the best macheneries in the industry, our team is comprised of professional technicians and skilled workers who are experienced in the field of fabrication and other industrial works.

As one of the leading metal fabrication companies in UAE, we specialize in the following

« Fabrication
« Welding
« Plywood Fencing
« Machining
« Blasting & Painting

We are also known as one of the best steel fabrication companies in Abu Dhabi offering a wide-range of services includes glass works, gypsum installation, fence installation, etc. For additional inquiries, contact us today: +971 25500711