Wrought Iron Works

We at Global House, being one of the leading suppliers of wrought iron works in Abu Dhabi, provide services in relation with wrought iron majorly in the gate and fencing industry. In comparison with cast iron, wrought iron has a very low carbon content which gives it excellent weldability. Other advantages of wrought iron includes that it is tough, malleable, ductile and corrosion-resistant. Our services include providing wrought iron works in home décor items, such as furniture which is manufactured from high quality materials and is constructed in excellent designs which adds to the elegance of your residence and its environment.

Wrought irons are made through puddling pig iron while molten that are suitable for forgaing and rolling. We manufacture attractive wrought Iron Gates, Door, Windows, Balconies, Handrails and much more. We also offer the option of remote control Gates.

Our wrought iron work covers:

« Wrought Iron stairs
« Gates
« Furniture
« Classic wrought iron gate
« Ornamental Iron Palace Gates
« Compact Villa Gates

As one of the top steel fabrication companies in UAE, our team in Global House also provides a wide range of structural steel works like aluminium fabrications, metal fabrications, etc. For inquiries, you can reach us at this number: +971 25500711